20 days, 20+ Drawings

For the last 20 days, I have drawn and posted at least one drawing a day! Some days I even did 2 or 3. I had challenged myself to practice my art more seriously and improve my craft, and I succeeded at my challenge.

After 20 days, however, I am going to have to take a little break. I’ve got a lot of new things coming up pretty soon. A new baby on the way. A new job. Buying a new house. Moving.

I’ll still be drawing, and I’ll still be writing. I just won’t be posting as often. I am almost finished with my latest book, a fully illustrated children’s book called “The Little Aviator.” I will be devoting most of my work time to finally finishing that.

After that, as I wrote on here a few days ago, I am considering starting work on a sci-fi monster epic in graphic novel form, and I have been doodling some concepts for that and brainstorming ideas.

So I’ll still try to post on here when I get a chance between all this work. But it won’t be a post every day unfortunately. I really hope you’ve enjoyed these drawings! Leave a comment if you did and let me know!

Monster Black and White Watermark.png


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