The Little Aviator in Progress

Work continues on “The Little Aviator” slowly but surely!  It is a historical fiction children’s book set in World War I, and the plot involves a young boy who steals a plane to fight in the war. In addition to the story, there will be historical information about the planes and weapons featured in the…


A pen and ink sketch of Sacré-Cœur in Paris. My wife and I went on a 4 country journey across Europe two summers ago, before our first son was born later that fall. Paris was our favorite city that we visited. That was my second trip to Europe, and I would love to go back as…

More Comic Scraps

Another old panel from an unfinished comic from years ago. My digital coloring skills were pretty much nonexistent back then; I am completely self-taught when it comes to art, and this is me really just starting out in illustration. This unfinished comic never made it past 5 pages. I say unfinished, but I really should say…

Old comic panel

This was from one of the first comics I ever attempted, years ago. The rest was not very good, but I really liked this panel!

Ink Sketch – Skull

Just a quick sketch that I did for no reason. I thought it looked cool! Sorry about the low quality and the lighting. We’re packing to move, and my scanner is boxed up. I just snapped a picture of my sketchbook with the webcam on my laptop.

Concept Art for scrapped Sci Fi project

Another piece of art where I was trying out an idea working with watercolors. Again, these did not turn out as well as I would have liked so I ended up scrapping the project.

20 days, 20+ Drawings

For the last 20 days, I have drawn and posted at least one drawing a day! Some days I even did 2 or 3. I had challenged myself to practice my art more seriously and improve my craft, and I succeeded at my challenge. After 20 days, however, I am going to have to take…