Sci Fi Concept Art

This is some concept art that I did, playing around with some ideas for a possible children’s book. I was trying out some watercolor looks, but they just didn’t turn out how I liked. As an artist, I am completely self-taught, and I had never really used watercolor before. It is not an easy medium.

My attempts weren’t completely horrible (at least I don’t think so). But they weren’t what I wanted, and in the end, I scrapped the whole thing and moved on.

UFO crash.png


As an artist and author, I think one of the most valuable skills to learn is when to give up. Or maybe to put it more nicely, when a concept is not working. Instead of wasting time on a bad idea, have the humility to recognize that it is simply not working and move on. Try a new idea. Try again. Keep trying. Failure is good! It means you’re trying! Keep trying! Do it better next time!


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