Drawing of the Day #11

Architecture Drawing with signature


2 thoughts on “Drawing of the Day #11”

  1. Greetings from San Francisco. Had a question of your line drawing of the los angeles skyline. I’m working on a project in conjunction with the la film office to help promote the la film and tv industry. I have a website, but also do a hand illustrated poster of the 101 companies that I feature. I’ve been at the computer for over 4 months and almost done. A small call out featured downtown la. I had an image that was done for me by one of my vendors, and also had access to a stock image from can stock an online company I use. I was doing a search and came across yours and it works the best so far. Sooooooo I wanted to see what I might be able to to do to use it??? I am doing the posters on spec and so have no real income I’m totally flying by the seat of my pants as you can probably relate to. When you see the work in the link below you’ll see that there is no place to put a printed credit. But the best thing I could think of is to give you a credit in an email I have to send to my 101 companies. Many are some of the biggest vendors in the film and tv business. Open to other ideas. Could make a modest donation, but modest would have to be the key word. Stock images I’ve been using I’ve been getting for like under 10 bucks. Check out link below. Its an interactive version the illustration I use something called zoomify which is a very cool program. The la downtown is bottom right. Just click to zoom or click and drag to pan or you can choose a company from drop down top right and auto zoom right there. This is actually an interface to website, and if you click on little blue dot when zoomed in you go to company page. Site is still in beta so lots of just place holder kind of stuff. Let me know your thoughts really enjoy your work. Who knows maybe you would want to work on my next poster? See it first and you’ll see what I’m up against. Thanks Art Bodner San Francisco

    1. Hi Art,

      I would be happy to help you. I think your poster looks great! Is there any way that I could get your contact information to message you privately? I would love to license the image for you to use, but I’d rather discuss the details in private.

      Thanks for your interest!

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