Sci Fi doodle

I doodled this while taking a coffee break at my desk. I used 2 Bic pens (black and red), and three highlighters (green, orange, blue). I had no plan when I started doodling, and for as quick as I drew this, and for how cheap the materials were, I really like how this spur-of-the-moment doodle…

Sci Fi Concept Art

This is some concept art that I did, playing around with some ideas for a possible children’s book. I was trying out some watercolor looks, but they just didn’t turn out how I liked. As an artist, I am completely self-taught, and I had never really used watercolor before. It is not an easy medium….

Drawing of the Day #20

A few quick sketches that I did in a little sketchbook, colored with super cheap colored pencils.

Drawing of the Day #19

Two quick tree sketches, and I colored one of them with oil pastels. The pastels I have are really, really cheap, and they don’t blend very well at all. But I still think the color turned out all right.

Old Sketchbook pages

Found an old sketchbook from a few years ago, and pulled these few sketches out of it. The rest of the pages were not worth saving; my drawing skills have really improved over the years.              

Drawing of the Day #17

Doing some more experimentation with oil pastels. The other day I saw a picture of a squid in a science magazine, and the specks in the dark water looked like stars in space. I thought that was cool, and it resulted in this weird little drawing.

Drawing of the Day #16

I’ve been very busy, and I almost did not have a drawing to post today. But here is a very quick ink sketch. I did this with a Sharpie pen in about 10 minutes, while at my desk at work. The practice that I have been getting by forcing myself to make art (however small)…

Drawing of the Day #14

Practicing coloring with some oil pastels. I really love the effect they give. It reminds me of vintage 1950s illustrations for some reason. I don’t have a lot of experience with oil pastels, but it’s definitely something I will be doing more of in the future.

Drawing of the Day #13

Some more concept work for a graphic novel idea that I am brainstorming. Just playing around with ideas. The original piece is black and white, hand drawn in ink on large 11 X 14″ pastel paper. It looks awesome, and the textured paper gives it a really cool look.

Drawing of the Day #12

I am currently working on a children’s book that I hope to have published by August 2016. But when I am done with that, I want to write and illustrate something a little more action-packed and mature. I am brainstorming an idea for a graphic novel or short comic story inspired by 1950s B movies. Here is some…